Downsize your Home and Upsize your Lifestyle!

By: Mary Cerqua

Downsize your Home and Upsize your Lifestyle!

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Downsize your Home and Upsize your Lifestyle! 


et access to properties that are within a 2 hour drive from the GTA area:

Last Update 02/19/2021


1. Retirement/Gated Communities List
2. Condominium/Gated Style Homes
3. Land Lease Retirement Communities



If you've answered yes to these questions, then it might be time to consider to downsize to a smaller home.  Here's the 2021 Essential Guide to Downsizing Your Home and start the process today!




In the meantime there are four different ways that I can help you:

       1.   Call me to my direct line or e-mail me with ANY REAL ESTATE QUESTION. 416-407-9883 or      



       2.    If you are going to be selling your home in the next 6 months to one year, getting your home ready for the sale  means more money in your pocket.  Get the latest, most current effective ways to enhance your home for a maximum return in 2021.

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          If you want to receive a daily list of new properties in the area that you want that meet your search criteria just tell me about your dream home in the following link HERE 


      4.       Ask for your "8 Homebuying Tips that save you money" Guide

          The process of buying real estate can be complex and time consuming. This short guide will outline a smoother path to not only finding the ideal property but also buying it at a discount.  Download the 2020 Free guide HERE